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'The biggest nightmare of any Chinese mobile operator', as it is nowadays called by the media, WeChat gains more popularity among smartphones' owners every day thanks to its simplicity and a great array of functions, including integration with social networks and the possibility to install and use it on various mobile platforms. Apart from using its official version for mobile phones and Mac PC, you may also use it on your Windows PC. How? Read on, and we will guide you through the entire process! Made available to the public in January 2011, since then WeChat has acquired amazing popularity, above all, among Chinese users. The closest 'relative' of WeChat is apparently WhatsApp - a much more widespread messenger. However, compared to the latter, WeChat has even more options!

In order to install WeChat on your PC, please follow these simple steps below

WeChat (微信- Weixin in Chinese) is a very user-friendly progam. The majority of its users really enjoy its simplicity, funny smileys (bunnies), and convenience. WeChat ID can be changed from numbers to a nickname, but it is only possible to do once.

Here is a brief list of features that make WeChat really distinguished from other popular messengers, and so popular among users:

  1. Voice messages, as well as video calls (by the way, they do not take as much traffic as you could have expected).
  2. 'Friends circle' - something that resembles social networks and Instagram. Here users can post photos, statuses, comments, and follow each other.
  3. The function of searching for people who are located close to you.
  4. 'Message in a bottle' - the possibility to send a text or voice message to a random WeChat user.

Being the third most widely used free messengers, WeChat is a program with the popularity that keeps increasing every day. With the abundance of ways to interact with other users (texts, voice messages, video; 'normal' dialogues or walkie-talkie mode; social networks features such as sending messages to multiple users, check-ins etc.), WeChat is particularly popular with children and young people, and is often valued as a great instrument for gettng acquainted with the new friends. We recommend to try WeChat, but if you prefer more popular messengers you may also be interested to read how to install Facebook Messenger for PC and WhatsApp for PC.

In order to use WeChat on your PC, you will need a microphone (ideally there should be headphones with a mic). Open WeChat, sign up with your login details, and sync the contacts. WeChat ensures top quality of voice and video during the calls, and it is also possible to send IMs, have group chats, exchange photos and videos. As of now, WeChat already has more than 300 million users who enjoy this fast and reliable messenger. Join the community of WeChat users and enjoy its benefits!