Waze: UGC Navigation With Your Own Hands

Official website: www.Waze.com

Latest Waze(3.9) FREE Official CLEAN Download Links: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

What is Waze? On the one hand, it is an application for navigation and is therefore useful for drivers. However, it is not the same as the famous TomTom or Garmin. Waze is, at the same time, the social network for drivers, and the maps are entirely provided by the users themselves. Waze is also free of charge, so it is a great choice. Waze is available for all possible mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Waze was developed in Israel, and its success outside the country is attributed to the non-standard approach to getting maps. It is entirely up to the users to create and develop the road maps, and the maps used in Waze are UGC. That is how it works: the user installs the program to his smartphone with GPS, and turns of the tracking mode when driving. Driving the roads that are not yet on the map reminds playing Pacman: your car ‘eats’ the dots on the screen that make up a new road. Your rout will be transmitted into the official database, and if one more car drives it afterwards, it will officially be admitted as ‘the road’. Afterwards the users can change the street names, correct the tracking mistakes, etc. The application has a lot of features that resemble a game: moving on the map, you will connect bonuses, the most valuable of which are located in the places of the map that are poorly researched by other users. The navigation possibility arises when the maps are comprehensive and detailed enough.

Unfortunately, many websites try to make money on Waze's success by providing Waze downloads bundled with various adware or even viruses! Our goal is to provide you with the official and clean download links, as well as give you a list of the most known websites with alternative downloads of Waze. We will also provide you with the guides on how to remove their unwanted software in case you fall victim and installed Waze from one of those websites.

Most popular websites who offer free LastPass download

WebsiteWaze pageUnwanted softwareUninstall guide
Official Developer Waze Official Page Clean! Official! Not needed
CNet Waze Page Download.com Installer (Adware.Downware.2525) CNET Adware Removal Guide for MAC, for Windows
Softonic Waze Page Softonic Downloader (Adware.Downware.5743) How to uninstall Softonic Downloader

Waze also is able to create various routs, basing on the latest information about traffic jams, as well as save the routs that you use most often, show all data that you might find useful while you are driving (direction, speed, etc.) Moreover, it has a day and night modes. Unlike other navigators, Waze allows to receive more accurate maps, since they are being constantly renewed, including such details as the information about road works, accidents, broke down cars, etc. By the way, you may also watch a short and funny presentation video about Waze.

It is hard to say whether and when Waze will be able to substitute the actual GPS-navigation programs, because it all depends on how many drivers install Waze and how often they use it. But all in all, Waze is a cool application where you can drive, chat, edit roads, and exchange reports to help other drivers. Good luck on the roads!