VLC Media Player Free Download for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone

Official website: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Latest VLC Media Player (2.1.5) Official CLEAN Download Links: Windows 7/8/XP 32-bit, Windows 7/8/XP 64-bit, Mac OS X 10.6, Android (play store), iOS (iTunes).

VLC Media Player is the best and number one free media software available for multiple platforms. If you need to play any audio or video file (disc, device, stream) - that should be the program of your choice! It doesn't require any additional codecs like many other media players do, you just need to download free VLC Media Player, install it and you're done! You can play any media data now!

Unfortunately, many websites try to capitalize on VLC Media Player's success by providing VLC downloads which they bundle with different adware or even viruses! Our goal here is to provide you with the official website and download links, as well as give you a list of most known websites with alternative downloads of VLC Media Player and the kind of software they bundle with it. We also give you guides on how to remove their unwanted software in case you fall victim and installed VLC from their page.

Most popular websites who offer free VLC Media Player download

WebsiteVLC Media Player pageUnwanted softwareUninstall guide
Official Developer VLC Official Page Clean! Official! Not needed
CNet VLC Page Clean! Not needed
Softonic VLC Page Softonic Downloader (Adware.Downware.5743) How to uninstall Softonic Downloader
Filehippo VLC Page STMSetup (Adware.InstallCore.386) How to uninstall FileHippo Downloader

Reasons to use VLC Media Player:

Hey guys, I'm mentioning here the reason why I like the VLC media player among all other media players available for free.

I hope these features are good enough to convince you to download free VLC Media Player. Please do take care when downloading applications in the internet, and only download them from trusted sources. For most applications this usually means official developer's website. Here at Tecnigen we aim to provide you only with clean official download links, so if ever in doubt about any application's download links, please come back to us and check the official download link.