TuneIn Radio Pro: How to Download for your PC

Official website: TuneIn.com

Latest TuneIn Radio Pro (1.1.15) Official CLEAN Download Links: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

TuneIn Radio Pro is a powerful application for listening to the Internet radio channels and podcasts. This application is, doubtless, one of the leaders among other similar apps, as it contains all that you might need for enjoying your favourite channels. Let us look at its functions closer, and see how it works.

TuneIn Radio Pro allows not only to listen to the radio channels and podcasts, but also record them. It has the functions of alarm and search. With this app, you will get access to more than 70,000 channels and 2,000,00 podcasts.

Initially developed for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, now TuneIn Radio Pro can also be downloaded and used on your PC. In this post we will deal with how to download and install the app for PC, but first let us look closer at TuneIn Radio Pro advantages, peculiarities, and figure out what makes it the best player for radio channels.

Once you start TuneIn Radio Pro, you will see a browser of radio channels, and at the bottom of the screen you will see the taps: ‘Selected’, ‘Recordings’, ‘Settings’, as well as a built-in Internet browser for adding radio channels (in the unlikely case that the radio channel you need is not present in the application by default). The ‘Browse’ tap is extremely convenient to use: using it, it is possible to find not only a radio channel but also a particular song, band/performer, etc. TuneIn Radio Pro is a good choice for music lovers, as well as sport fans, politics-savvy people, and all others who prefer to stay up to date with what’s on the air! You may even search for radio channels basing on the geographic factor.

When you have selected the channel, you will see on your screen the player with the logo of the selected channel in the centre. The player’s minimalist and stylish design also ensures that the application is fast. Press the ‘Options’ button in order to see the list of programs on the selected radio channel (if the channel itself allows such an option), or contact the developer of TuneIn Radio Pro. And if you want to wake up to the sounds of your preferred music style or a program on a certain topic, it is also easy: simply set the time that the application should start working, and it will wake you up.

To the bottom left of the screen there is a ‘Record’ button that, as it is easy to guess, allows to record songs, programs, and other things. The ‘Records’ tap stores all your recorded tracks, and their quality is quite satisfactory. In ‘My Presets’ tap you will see the list of your selected channels (that you can add there by pressing the heart icon). Also note that the quality of sound while broadcasting is very good, and the application works with amazing stability. All those features make TuneIn Radio Pro one of the best radio applications for Android, Windows phone and iOS. However, if you want to use TuneIn Radio Pro on PC, below you will find a concise guide on how to do that.

In order to download TuneIn Radio Pro for PC, please make sure that the latest version of graphic drivers is installed, and follow the steps below: