Temple Run Free Download for PC, Mac

Official website: http://www.imangistudios.com/

Latest Temple Run (1.0.8) Official CLEAN Download Links: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

Temple Run is an extremely popular 3D runner. As a brave adventurer searching fo the ancient treasures, you will slide, jump, collect coins – and escape from the evil spirits, while avoiding ditches, fire and other obstacles.

The game was developed by Rayleigh-Based Imangi Studio and initially was released for iOS. After receiving great feedback from the users, Temple Run came our also for the Android phones. You might be happy to find out that now Temple Run is also available for your PC! Here you will find detailed instructions on how to download Temple Run for free and install it onto your PC in several easy steps.

How to install Temple Run on your PC:

The game only has one level, but it is endless. While you are running you will spot golden coins that you need to collect – you will definitely need them in future for your runner’s upgrade. This game is type of runner game with a 'Run for your life!' So it is not about winning - it is about being saved, crossing obstacles and running as fast as you can.

Play Temple Run on your PC for free and with ease, any time you feel like playing it. Enjoy your game!