TaoMix - How to Download for Your PC

Official website: TaoMix-app.com

Latest TaoMix (1.1.15) Official CLEAN Download Links: Android, iOS.

What sounds make you feel relaxed? Birds singing, water falling, cat purring, wind blowing... everyone would probably give their own answer. With TaoMix you will get the possibility to create your own relaxing soundtracks mixing 45 relaxing sounds into amazing and unique combinations - the ones that you personally enjoy. And all these things you can do without any special DJ skills, the interface of the program being really simple and user friendly.

Simply choose sounds that are divided into categories - the sounds of animals, insects and birds, noises, fire, water, chimes, wind, rain, etc. There is even the sound of human heartbeat! Once you select the sounds, simply position them around the white circle, and the closer the sound is located to the circle, the louder and the more powerful it will be heard. A long tap on the white circle with a rotating movement will enable the sounds to change their ‘priority’ in volume randomly.

In order to download TaoMix for PC, please make sure that the latest version of graphic drivers is installed, and follow the steps below:

TaoMix has a timer that will come handy when you need to set up the time for meditation or going to sleep. It is easy to regulate the volume of the sound from the application itself. It is possible to use other apps while your created melodies are playing on the background.

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