Sweetpacks Toolbar Removal Guide

SweetPacks is an advertising application that is promoted with the help of freeware programs. It installs SweetPack Toolbar into the user’s browser, and changes the browser’s search engine to its own (search.sweetpacks.com).

Firstly, let us consider in detail how this application gets onto the user’s computer in the first place. Say, the users downloads a free program - VLC player - from one of the freeware portals. During the process of installation, the installation wizard asks the user if he wants to install SweetPacks Toolbar, and change his search engine for the browser to search.sweetpacks.com. A lot of users do not pay due attention to the conditions of installation, or just disregard the information that the installation wizard shows. Hence this program gets into the computer and begin its activity there.

What is wrong with this program? Firstly, when you try to search for something online, your search results will show links to their advertising partners instead of actual top results of the search. This can be pretty misleading! Secondly, some users complain that SweetPack slows down computer. Finally, if the user decides to delete this application, his browser’s default settings do not come back. That is why today we will deal with the way to delete SweetPack Toolbar from your computer.

Deleting SweetPacks Toolbar from your computer

First of all, you need to delete the application itself from your system. For doing so, please perform the following steps:

Let us now consider the next steps in the process of deleting SweetPacks Toolbar. After the procedures described above, the browser default settings have not changed, and this toolbar is still present in your browser. Let us see how to uninstall it from there.

Deleting Sweetpacks Toolbar from browser

If you have Internet Explorer installed:

If your browser is Mozilla Firefox:

For Google Chrome users:

Now we have uninstalled SweetPacks Toolbar. In future please be more careful while installing software. Share this article with your friends!