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The reality of today’s life: you are boasting to friends that your two-year old son called by Skype to his grandparents, and even managed to hang up by himself, and everybody’s reaction is - ‘Wow, your parents can use Skype!’ It is hard to find a person nowadays who has a computer with Internet access, yet never heard about Skype. Free chats, videocalls, conferences, playing games, sending files and many other options make it one of the most popular and well known ways of communicating with people all over the globe both for business and personally. There are a lot of programs that offer the same range of functions as Skype, yet this messenger is still top of the list. Yet it is important to bear in mind that some websites offering to download Skype for free bundle it with adware or other unwanted programs, and besides Skype itself contains a little 'surprise' for non-attentive users, so read on to learn how to install and use it safely!

Now, let us see what websites offer to install Skype for free, and if they try to install something else into your system. And if yes, then how to get rid of all those toolbars, hijackers, and other annoying add-ons.

Most popular websites who offer free Skype download

WebsiteSkype pageUnwanted softwareUninstall guide
Official Developer Skype Official Page Clean! Official! Not needed
CNet Skype Page Installer (Adware.Downware.2525) CNET Adware Removal Guide for MAC, for Windows
Softonic Skype Page Softonic Downloader (Adware.Downware.5743) How to uninstall Softonic Downloader
Filehippo Skype Page STMSetup (Adware.InstallCore.386) How to uninstall FileHippo Downloader

Some of Skype’s advantages:

Same as any other program, Skype has some drawbacks, and here are some of them:

Talk to your friends and family for free with Skype! See you in our next posts.