Removing Sweet IM Toolbar From Your PC

SweetIM Toolbar is a browser hijacker that is spread with the help of freeware. Immediately after it gets installed, it changes browser homepage and search engine to

Let us see how SweetIM gets onto the user’s computer. For instance, a user decided to download VLC - a free video player. During the installation process, the user will be asked a question if he wants to change browser’s default home page and install SweetIM Toolbar into the system. However, it is often the case that the users do not pay attention to this message and agree to the conditions of installation.
In order to avoid situations like this it is desirable to stick to two rules:

But let us say, SweetIM Toolbar is already on our computer. How is it possible to uninstall it? First and foremost, it is crucial to delete the application itself.

Uninstalling SweetIM Toolbar from the system

I highly recommend to follow the below steps carefully so that to avoid problems in future.

Now we have finished the first part of deleting SweetIM and can move on to the second part.

Unfortunately, after you have uninstalled the SweetIM Toolbar application, your previous settings do not come back, and the only option is to manually set them to the way they had been before. Below you will find several simple steps that will help you get rid of SweetIM Toolbar in your browser.

Uninstalling SweetIM Toolbar from your browser

For Google Chrome users

For Internet Explorer:

For Mozilla Firefox:

That is it - we have completed our task! It is recommended to restart your computer, and from now on you may use your browser as before. If you have experienced any problems in the process of uninstalling SweetIM Toolbar, do not hesitate to ask any quesitons. Share this article with your friends and in social networks.