Remove Delta Search (Uninstallation Guide)

Delta Toolbar is a program that is installed into the user’s browser, and becomes a part of it. If this software is installed into the computer and browser, it changes the browser’s home page to its own page Even if the user wants to go back to his initial settings and changes the default search engine, he will not be able to do so until his browser has Delta Toolbar.

If Delta Toolbar is installed on your computer, and you want to restore your browser settings to your previous ones, fist thing you have to do is to delete Delta Toolbar. From this article you will learn how to do it.

Contrary to the popular opinion, Delta Toolbar is not a virus. Yet it is a potentially malicious program as it records information about the user and his activity, sends it to various advertising services and companies interested in personal data.

Delta Toolbar gets into the user’s computer together with freeware that people download online. In order to ensure you do not get into trouble and do not have unwanted add-ons, including toolbars, installed into your system, it is important to be careful as for what you download from the internet and install onto your computer. We recommend not to use freeware or shareware from unknown developers, or from unknown sources.

In order to get rid of Delta Toolbar please perform the following steps:

Deleting Delta Toolbar from your PC

First of all, go to Task Manager and find delta-search.exe process. Stop this process. If there is no such process in task manager, try searching for another one with a similar name. Depending on the version, the name of the process can vary. If you cannot find anything resembling this name, skip this step.

Our next step is to delete Delta Toolbar from your system.

But this is not all. Now you should also delete the annoying toolbar from your browser.

Deleting Delta Toolbar from your browser.

Internet Explorer:

Mozilla Firefox:

Google Chrome:

Restart your computer again and open your browser. Now your system should be free from Delta Toolbar, and the latter will not interfere with your work. Please share this article with your friends and colleagues, and do not hesitate to ask us any questions on the matter!