QuickPic: Download Free For Your PC

Official website: www.QuickPic.co.za

Latest QuickPic (3.7.2) Official CLEAN Download Link: Android.

QuickPic is one of the best image viewers for Android that is extremely convenient, functional and fast. Apart from viewing images, QuickPic also allows to edit them: change their size, rotate, compress, or crop. The program can display images in high resolution. When watching images, it is possible to choose different variants of displaying them, for instance a slide-show during which the photos change on the screen automatically. Besides, you can view videos and animated .gif files with the help of QuickPic.

Additional features of QuickPic include hiding private folders or restricting access to them using a password, changing the names of files and catalogues, creating new catalogues, copying and moving images, setting images as a wallpaper, etc. QuickPic is perfect for the big screens of modern smartphones, and make viewing images very convenient, disregarding of the model of your device.

Below you will read about some of the features that make QuickPic the favourite image viewer of many Android users, and learn how to install it for your PC free of charge and easily.

In order to download QuickPic for PC, please make sure that the latest version of graphic drivers is installed, and follow the steps below:

Some of QuickPic’s advantages:

Some more of QuickPic advantages are its small size, regular updates, and support of many various graphic formats. The built-in file manager allows to navigate the folders for choosing photos, and the main menu shows all folders containing graphic files, disregarding of their structure, so that you can always have access to any folder with images. Once you open the folder, QuickPic will show the previews of all images stores in this folder, and even if these images have high resolution, you will see the previews immediately.When you want to open a particular picture, simply tap on its preview, and the full-sized image will open. You can scale the image and softly zoom it in and out.

QuickPic can be personalised using various settings, and you can change everything from the style of the interface to the way your images are displayed. Many users who tried QuickPic prefer it to the standard Android image viewer!