Java Free Download (JRE - Java Runtime Environment)

Official website:

Latest Java (Version 7 Update 67) Official CLEAN Download Links: Windows 7/8/XP 32-bit, Windows 7/8/XP 32-bit (Offline installation), Windows 7/8/XP 64-bit (Offline installation), Mac OS X (10.7.3+), Linux.

Java is required to run different software made for Java on your computer. It is known as Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which means that software made for Java can run on multiple devices through Java Virtual Machine. You need Java Runtime Environment (JRE) if you only need to run software.

However, if you're a developer for Java, you will need Java Development Kit (JDK), which is available at the Oracle Official Website.

Both Java Runtime Environment and Java Development Kit are freely available from Oracle website ( website is also owned by Oracle, so both and are official Java websites). Unfortunately, many websites try to capitalize on Java success by providing Java downloads which they bundle with different adware or even viruses! Our goal here is to provide you with the official website and download links, as well as give you a list of most known websites with alternative downloads of Java and the kind of software they bundle with it. We also give you guides on how to remove their unwanted software in case you fall victim and installed Java from their page.

Most popular websites who offer free Java download

WebsiteJava pageUnwanted softwareUninstall guide
Official Developer Java Official Page Clean! Official! Not needed
CNet Java RE Page Clean! Not needed
Softonic Java RE Page Softonic Downloader (Adware.Downware.5743) How to uninstall Softonic Downloader
Filehippo Java RE Page Clean! Not needed

Why do you need Java Runtime Environment?

Lots of Web sites and programs won't run if you don't have Java installed. You must install Java Runtime Environment simply to get access to all these web pages and programs.

Some programs require only the latest version of Java, so it's better to be up-to-date with the most fresh java version. Please check official Java website as the other websites may lag with updating their links.