IMinent Toolbar: How To Remove

Iminent Toolbar is a program with its own search engine that it substitutes for your default search engine, and as a result there are a lot of ads appearing in the search results. It appears at the user's computer together with the freeware downloaded from the Internet. In order to avoid this and similar programs, it is highly recommended to download the software from the official developers' websites, and if you already downloaded a program from an untrustworthy source, be attentive while installing. As often as not the users forget to unclick the checkboxes of the add-ons that the installation wizard offers you to install.

Okay, now we know how Iminent Toolbar got into your system. Now let us talk about how to get it out of the PC!

Now let us uninstall Iminent from your browser. It is pretty easy too, most importantluy - just follow the steps described below.

For Google Chrome users

For Internet Explorer:

For Mozilla Firefox:

That's it! Now we completed the procedure of uninstalling Iminent from your system and browser. You may continue using your computer, with nothing affecting its performance. Share this post with your friends, and good luck!