How To Remove Snap.Do Toolbar From Your PC

Snap.Do is a browser hijacker that changes browser search system to Therefore, the browser's own advertising will be added to all search results, therefore it will be difficult to see where are the ads, and where are the actual results for what the user was searching. That is why I recommend to uninstall it from your computer.

First of all, let us see how this program got into your computer. Most probabbly it was installed together with some freeware downloaded from the Internet. I recommend not to download software from non-reliable sources, but it you have already done it, please be more careful with the installation process. For instance, many free programs come together with a 'bonus' - the additional software that might be unwanted. A user, willing to install the downloaded program as soon as possible, presses 'accept' and 'agree' to anything offered by the installation wizard. That is how the browser ends up with software like Snap.Do, and it is sometimes quite tricky to uninstall it.

I will help you uninstall this useless program from your computer. Let us begin. First of all, we need to delete the program itself, and then restore your preferred browser settings.

Uninstalling Snap.Do from your system

Restart your computer. Now you can adjust your browser settings and set them back to default.

Uninstalling Snap.Do from your browser

For Google Chrome users

For Internet Explorer:

For Mozilla Firefox:

That is it - we have successfully uninstalled Snap.Do both from your system and browser. Now restart your computer and use it without the unwanted toolbar! Share this post with our friends, and do not hesitate to ask questions if you have any. Good luck!