How To Delete Searchqu Toolbar From Your PC

Searchqu Toolbar is adware that changes the browser’s search engine and homepage into its own. This way any search of the user is redirected to Searchqu. Besides, your browser gets a useless toolbar that only distracts you from work. What problems can it cause?
Fistly, while searching for any information, your top search results will show links to Searchqu’s advertising partners instead of what you really need.
Secondly, the toolbar is able to collect information about the user - namely, search queries, visited websites, etc. - and send it to its advertising partners that use these data for offering your ads shown in your search results.
Finally, if the user decides to delete this toolbar from the system using ‘Uninstalling programs’, his browser’s settings do not come back to the previous state, and the toolbar still remains installed into the browser!

This application is installed onto the user’s computer together with free programs that user downloads from the Internet. Some of freeware providers insert this toolbar into their installation wizards, and unless you are very cautious and attentive, you are likely to get various add-ons even if you do not want them. Sometimes installation wizards do not even warn the users that such applications will be installed! So we highly recommend not to install freeware downloaded from the untrustworthy websites. If you have a shadow of a doubt about a certain website, it is better not to install anything from it. The best choice really is to download software from the official developers’ pages.

Uninstalling Searchqu Toolbar

To begin with, you should uninstall the application from your system following several simple steps:

We have finished the first step. All we have to do now is cleaning your browser and returning your preferred settings!

Uninstalling Searchqu Toolbar from your browser.

For Google Chrome users

For Internet Explorer:

For Mozilla Firefox:

After completing all the above steps, it is recommended to restart your system. Searchqu Toolbar is now removed from your computer!
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