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Online safety should be of top priority - especially if you tend to use free Wi-Fi in public places. There is no guarantee that the neighbour with a laptop next to your table in a coffee place is not some sort of hacker waiting for your passwords, credit card number, online banking details, and a whole lot of other important data. The majority of methods of defending and ciphering information have one major problem - they decrease the network speed, and the standard https protocol is no more safe enough. Hotspot Shield might be a good solution to your troubles! Unfortunately, a lot of websites that offer free download links to Hotspot Shield bundle it with additional toolbars, annoying programs, etc., so below we will provide you with clean download links to Hotspot Shield and tell you how to remove the unwanted software, if you have already become a victim of one of such unwanted add-ons.

The most popular websites offering free Hotspot Shield download

WebsiteHotspot Shield pageUnwanted softwareUninstall guide
Official Developer Hotspot Shield Official Page Clean! Official! Not needed
CNet Hotspot Shield Page Installer (Adware.Downware.2525) CNET Adware Removal Guide for MAC, for Windows
Softonic Hotspot Shield Page Softonic Downloader (Adware.Downware.5743) How to uninstall Softonic Downloader
Filehippo Hotspot Shield Page STMSetup (Adware.InstallCore.386) How to uninstall FileHippo Downloader

Some features of Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield does not take a lot of resources, only decreasing the speed by maximum 10-15%, and providing high level of protection to ensure the security of your information. The free version of Hotspot Shield, although it has slightly less functions, is still quite usable and will benefit you. Sometimes users complain that this program can slow down computer, or affect the work of Internet browsers, but normally these problems are easy to fix.

The principle of Hotspot Shield’s work is to create a VPN (virtual personal network) between your computer, tablet or phone and AnchorFree Internet port, and therefore you change your IP address and can visit any website anonymously. It can also ensure access to any website you want, even if it has been blocked - e.g., even if the boss in your office blocks YouTube or Facebook, you will easily visit those websites.

Hotspot Shield can be used for Windows (Vista, XP, 2000), Mac OS X (10.5, 10.4), iPhone. It is a perfect program if you do not want to go deep into the details of settings, and prefer to install a program and use it immediately.

Hotspot Shield has certain drawbacks that we have to point out so that you have a better idea of whether you want to try it or not: it sometimes takes time for this program to connect to the server; the stability of connection leaves much to be desired; and there are some advertising banners that can be quite annoying. However, all in all this program is good and efficient enough, and can be used if you need some simple way of protecting your data from hackers and Internet service providers. Nobody will be able to see your online messages, files, payment details, or any other information! Be safe, and remember about online safety.