FileHippo: How to remove from PC is a big and quite popular web portal where you can download free software, but there is one drawback: together with freeware, it installs programs that we are not asking for. Its add-on FileHippo Update Checker is not malware, and it helps people stay informed if they are using the latest version of their software. However, updating software using third-party programs is not always safe, and that is why it is recommended to uninstall FileHippo Update Checker, or programs similar to it.

How does FileHippo get installed on your PC?

FileHippo Update Checker is distributed via the official website together with the freeware on this portal. In order to avoid downloading programs like this, please be careful as for what you download and install. It is highly recommended to download freeware only from the developers' official websites, and be attentive while installing keeping an eye on what add-ons are offered to be installed together with the program you need. I recommend to use manual installation rather than automatic/default one, since there are often check-boxes that should be clicked away in order to avoid toolbars, add-ons and other software you do not want or need.

Removing FileHippo from the system

In order to get rid of FileHippo and uninstall it from the system, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Press 'Start', go to 'Control Panel', find 'Programs' tab and press 'Removing programs'.
  2. Find FileHippo in the list of programs installed on your PC, select it, and press 'Uninstall'.
  3. Press 'OK' so that to save changes on your computer.

It is also recommended to scan your PC with an antivirus to make sure there are no malicious files left.

That is it! Your computer is now clean from FileHippo Update Checker. I hope that in future you will be more careful while installing software from various freeware portals. Share this article with your friends, and do not hesitate to ask questions, should you have any. Good luck!