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Blinkist is a really cool service invented in Germany. It provides users with the brief retelling of the latest non-fiction bestsellers, and it is a must-have app for the people who always yearn to learn more, and who are constantly on the go! Blinkist was initially developed for iOS, and later it was released for the Android devices as well. The service is not free of charge but the cost of use is really low: from $4,17 to $7,99 per month (“Less than a latte per month”). Moreover, you can download a 3-day trial FREE version to check out the app and to decide whether you need it or not. From this post you will learn more about the advantages of Blinkist, and get a simple instruction for downloading it for your PC.

There is no doubt that the original books are always better than their retelling, but if you have not got much time, there is not always a possibility to read all of the books that are new to the market. With Blinkist, you may get the insight into some of the best books, and decide which of them you want to read in the whole. Each book is carefully ‘sieved’ so that only the main postulates are included into its narration that only will take about 10-15 minutes to read. As of now, Blinkist contains more than 500 books on various topics: from marketing and management to psychology and history.

Please note that Blinkist was not created in order to completely eliminate reading the original books from your life: it is just an instrument got getting briefly acquainted with some of the books you might find useful!

Some of advantages of Blinkist: